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Dec 2015


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On a recent flight, I had the honor of sitting next to one of the best cinematographers in the world. Maybe you have heard of a few of the films and commercials he’s worked on—Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Batman, the “Bo Knows” and Air Jordan Nike commercials? Needless to say, I was intrigued.

Since I’m not uber-knowledgable in the movie/commercial industry, I asked him to break down to me what a “Cinematographer” actually does and I tried to relate it to football terms. Here are he basics of what he told me:

1. He receives a vision of a scene from the director/creator (Like an offensive coordinator sending a play out to the quarterback on the field)

2. He internalizes the vision and thinks about how to re-create this vision in real life. (Like a quarterback processing in between huddle and at the line of scrimmage)

3. Depending on the vision (Similar to the difference between a run plays, play action or deep pass plays), he works with the appropriate expert in lighting, creative, animation, costumes, etc. to make the vision a reality (Sort of like how an offense would hand the ball to big, strong running back on a short yardage play and a speedy receiver on a deep pass—unless you’re the Seattle Seahawks in a Super Bowl).

No matter how you look at it, sounds like textbook teamwork to me…

On every team, there has to be a vision created by leadership. Whether in the form of wins, profits, sales, likes or leads, the best teams always have a clear goal of what is bringing them together.

But no matter what field it is, what seems to always separate the most productive teams from the rest is the ability to find on field performers to accurately and passionately internalize the vision from leadership and execute on the field of play.

A few questions to ponder:

1. Who are the “cinematographers” on your teams?
2. Do they clearly understand your goals and objectives?
2. Are the right tools and experts available for them to execute with excellence?

Roland Williams is a NFL Super Bowl Champion, Team Building & Performance Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Proud Dad x 3 who works with organizations and individuals strongly committed to excellence.

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