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Sep 2015

If you answer “yes” to one of the following four questions, this post is for you:

  • Want to make more money?
  • Want to loose weight?
  • Want to improve your organizational culture?
  • Want to become a better leader or teammate?

I want to discuss a simple success strategy that most of us do not maximize during each day: To fight to keep a positive attitude no matter what.

During my life, there have been hundreds of examples of this theory being 100% true. Having a good attitude will help you make more money faster. Having a good attitude will help your metabolism. Having a good attitude will make your relationships and organization sweeter than you ever imagined.

Yep. Attitude equals altitude. Period. To make my point, I wanted to share a personal story from my football career that few people know about me…

My freshman year of high school, I was terrible at football. A big guy, but soft. Not much technique. I played on the offensive and defensive line. There were no highlights. Just a big kid with a positive attitude.

My sophomore year in high school, I got upgraded. Our head coach put me on varsity and asked me to play “Tight End”. At the time, I didn’t really know what a “Tight End” was, however, I just did what coach said and had a positive attitude. Over the course of my sophomore season, I got pounded in practice learning the ropes. I sat the bench the entire season. No really. The entire season. Yuck.

My junior year in high school was my big opportunity and I was ready to shine. Starting Tight End and Linebacker. I knew that one good season my Junior year would eliminate my first two years of obscurity. During the first game of my Junior season, I broke my foot and was forced to sit out the entire season. Ouch.

That one really hurt.

So here I am. Senior year of high school. There are dozens of negative thoughts that could have consumed my impressionable high school mind after the tragic first three years of my football career. All the doubters. All the naysayers. Nobody believing I was going to succeed in football at the high school level. Certainly nobody predicting I would ascend to a successful college and NFL career.

But me.

Having a positive attitude was the single most important mental spark to generating energy, action and conviction toward my dreams. My positive attitude saved my football career. In all honesty, my positive attitude saved my life.

Take it from me, having negative thoughts about yourself and your circumstance will NEVER help you succeed. Never. Stay positive. Be your #1 fan. Speak life to yourself and your situation. You are more valuable than your circumstance. You are more powerful than negative forces pushing you from the outside.

Once you finish reading this, take a moment to think of your biggest personal or professional challenges.

Are you making a concentrated effort to see the GOOD in each one of those situations?? This may seem unrealistic on the surface, but if we cut the shenanigans and really look hard enough, there is always a silver lining in every situation. Flight delay? A great opportunity to make a new friend in the airport, contact a family member or catch up on work. Flat tire? Great opportunity to strengthen your patience muscle. You get the point. Stay positive. No matter what. Then watch the upgrade unfold.

Roland Williams is a NFL Super Bowl Champion, High Performance & Team Building Coach, Motivational Speaker & Proud Dad who works with organizations and individuals strongly committed to excellence.

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