Professional Development

High Expectations. Unrelenting Adversity. Fierce Competition. Extraordinary Production.  As an eight-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl Champion, Roland knows first hand the extreme mental strength that is required to consistently perform at an elite level. His Football Mentality Professional Development is an intense 12-session series of entertaining and informative workshops that will get your sales professionals competing with NFL-Intensity. Specifically, this training series will teach your sales team to:

  • Set and achieve sales goals beyond those given by management.
  • Bring a more consistent intensity and focus to work each day.
  • Improve time management skills.
  • Decrease negative mental energy after adversity or loss.
  • Increase personal accountability & resourcefulness.
  • Communicate more effectively with teammates and clients.
  • Maximize the power of teamwork.

If you are interested in letting Roland and his team of retired NFL players help your sales team become passionate, competitive and focused performers, contact Roland here or by phone at 805.409.0622.